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Not only is a healthy digestive system important to help you get the nutrients you need from food, but it also helps the body stay healthy. Maintaining a healthy digestive system can help us avoid the occasional symptoms of intestinal discomfort and keep us enjoying overall health and wellness.

What are Probiotics and Why Do I Need Them?

Aging, dieting, stress, travel and certain medications can disrupt the natural balance of intestinal microflora in our digestive system. Probiotics are "friendly" bacteria that promote healthy digestive flora, to support healthy digestion. In fact, the word probiotic means "for life".

How is Bowtrol Probiotic Different?

Bowtrol Probiotic contains 9 Billion live probiotic cells, more than 5 times the live active cultures typically found in yogurt, but without the sugar and calories. Unlike many other probiotics, the Bowtrol Probiotic is specially designed to survive the acidic stomach environment and be delivered to the intestines.

  • Improved digestion, better elimination, less constipation, gas, bloating and indigestion
  • A deeper understanding of how to take care of yourself with these new found skills

Probiotics in the News

"Probiotic" Partners in Health
The origin of fermented foods and cultured milk products goes so far back that it is rumored to predate recorded history. This is perfectly in keeping with my philosophy that the most ancient foods have survived for the same reason they continue to be instrumental to the survival of our species.

Putting Good Bacteria to Work
Friendly bacteria, or probiotics, serve a host of biological functions important to the survival of the animal they populate. Some aid in digestion, some compete with less beneficial bacteria and keep them in check, some stimulate the immune system. And they may have other roles not yet known.

Bacteria That Will Cure You?
Probiotics is the friendly bacteria that lives in harmony inside the intestines and helps to keep the body in balance. A lot of research has indicated the therapeutic benefit of probiotics to reduce accosiated diarrhea, promote regularity as well as overall health and well-being.

It's happening all across the country -- probably even in your neighborhood. People taking live bacteria to stay healthy.
But because it can be hard to get good bacteria through diet alone, many people are turning to supplements. And increasingly, food companies are finding ways to add good bacteria to more of their products.

Do Probiotics Really Work?
The lesson of probiotics, according to researchers, is that many people have become so clean and so sterile that they actually need to put some bacteria back inside.

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A bug for what's bugging you?
So far, the most promising research has focused on digestive tract health.


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I'm walking and talking Bowtrol to everybody and anybody...
Terresa, New York
I wanted to let you know that I have tried a...
Virginia, Tampa
I feel like myself again! I have been living...
Tanya, Dallas
What a wonderful product Bowtrol is! I was just...
Nick, Nebraska

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